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Expert guidance and solutions for a Travel Risk Management program that aligns with industry best-practices.
Crisis24’s extensive experience in the Travel Risk Management (TRM) field make us ideally positioned to implement an effective and robust program that fits your business objectives and risk appetite and protects both your personnel and your organization.
The objective of any risk management program is to mitigate risk to an acceptable level.
Protect your people, assets, data, intellectual property, brand, and reputation.
Reduce the frequency and severity of incidents.
Enable better management of the costs associated with response, recovery, lost productivity, and liability.
Reduce legal and financial exposure and motivate for lower insurance premiums.
Attract talent and retain personnel with strong policies around travel security and duty of care.
Strengthen business continuity and organizational resilience.
Organizations are morally and legally responsible for their employees’ health, safety, and welfare and must take a comprehensive approach toward protecting themselves and their travelers. Are you prepared?
Whether you need to review and upgrade an existing program or implement a new one, Crisis24 has the solutions to ensure all these questions can be confidently answered. 
Extend duty of care to your organization
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed the ISO 31030 guidelines. The policy provides a systematic approach to developing, implementing, and evaluating an effective TRM policy and identifying, assessing, and dealing with travel risks. Crisis24 contributed to the development of the framework and has the expertise and solutions to put this into action for your organization.
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Travel Risk Management means a lot more than reacting quickly and efficiently to events as they unfold. In fact, the only reactive component of a sound TRM program is incident response. All other components (policies and procedures; training; 24×7 intelligence and monitoring, including traveler tracking; and feedback) must be planned, implemented, and practiced before travel begins.
By establishing a continuous process and training employees to follow it, all manner of risk (not only travel-related risk) can be significantly mitigated.
We can help at every step of the process, from developing a plan to providing the tools and resources to ensure its ongoing success:
A comprehensive assessment of your current TRM plan, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.
An in-depth consultation to develop your organization’s contingency, crisis, and business continuity plans.
Step-by-step guidance and hands-on support to implement or upgrade your TRM program.
We offer a range of in-person and online training solutions, so travelers are knowledgeable about identifying and dealing with threats, and travel managers and crisis management teams have the skills and know-how to manage and mitigate risks.
We monitor the globe around the clock keeping you and your people informed of any threats or disruptions that could impact their safety or travel plans.
Crisis24’s Risk Management Platform enables you to monitor all employee travel globally, identify threat exposures in real-time, communicate with travelers, confirm safety in the event of a crisis, and receive emergency signals, while our mobile app puts threat intelligence and the ability to reach out in a crisis in the hands of each traveler.
If you don’t have the infrastructure or resources in place, Crisis24 can monitor and confirm the safety of your people on your behalf, 24/7, should a critical incident occur, anywhere in the world.
Our 24/7 Global Operations Centers are always on-hand to assist. Should direct on-the-ground security or medical assistance be required we have the expertise and resources to support your personnel globally.
Our support extends to your crisis management teams, from helping travelers in harm’s way to dealing with media responses and ensuring business continuity. Controlled management of a crisis can dramatically reduce its impact.
An after-action review (AAR) helps you determine what could have been avoided or done better and adjust processes accordingly. We help manage and guide this process. Risk management is an ongoing process under continuous improvement.
We are advising and providing travelers, mobile employees, expatriates, and their family with 24/7 medical and emergency response, security, and information security guidance.
We equip you with the tools and risk management platform you need to proactively monitor and protect your team and assets anywhere in the world.
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