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AIG Travel Guard is a well-established and highly rated name in the travel insurance industry. It offers three main coverage options to choose from, and in general its policies have above-average coverage for baggage loss and baggage delays, plus high medical evaluation coverage limits. Depending on the plan you pick, your premium may be a bit higher than what you’ll pay with some competitors, but it’s still in line with the industry average.
AIG Travel Guard offers three primary plans: Travel Guard Essential, Travel Guard Preferred, and Travel Guard Deluxe. Each plan has different coverage limits and various types of protection.
Here’s a look at what you’ll get with each plan:
Depending on the policy you select, there are also additional coverages that my be included at no extra charge, like pre-existing conditions waiver, single occupancy fee coverage, worldwide travel and medical assistance services, and more. Be sure to check each policy closely to see what is and isn’t covered.
In addition to these three primary plans, AIG Travel Guard offers the Pack N’ Go policy along with an Annual plan.
This policy is for last-minute travelers who don’t need trip cancellation coverage.
This plan includes:
Taking multiple trips throughout the year? Consider the AIG Travel Guard Annual plan instead of purchasing a new policy for each adventure. This plan comes with coverage for: 
Note: The Annual plan is not available in Kansas, Montana, and New York
Like many other travel insurance providers, AIG Travel Guard offers add-ons for an additional cost. These can be selected while you’re purchasing your policy.
The availability of these add-ons depends on the policy you’re buying. Note also that some are already included in the Preferred and Deluxe plans. 
Getting a quote from AIG Travel Guard is quick and easy. Head to AIG website and enter basic information about the trip you’re looking to cover. You’ll get an instant quote for the insurance plans available for your trip, so it’s easy to compare each option. Be prepared to provide information including:
We ran a few simulations to offer examples of how much an AIG Travel Guard policy might cost. You’ll see that costs usually fall within 5-7% of the total trip cost, depending on the policy tier you choose.
The below is an example of the costs for a 30-year-old Florida resident traveling by plane to Australia for a week in January 2023. The trip cost is set to $8,000. 
As you can see, the price ranges from around $229 to $417 depending on the level of coverage you choose.
This next example shows the costs for the three different AIG Travel Guard plans for a 40-year-old California resident traveling by plane to Mexico for a week in December 2022. The trip cost is set to $6,000. 
As you can see, the price ranges from around $348 to $444 depending on the level of coverage you choose.
And in this last example, we looked for coverage for a 50-year-old resident of New York traveling by plane to France for a week in May 2023, with a trip cost of $10,000. 
The price for coverage in this example ranges from about $497 to $664, with the Essential plan being the least expensive and Deluxe being the priciest. Of course, the higher-tier plans will provide higher coverage limits. 
As you can see, the cost of coverage goes up as the age of the insured goes up. That said, these quotes align with industry averages when it comes to the percentage of the total trip cost you’ll pay for travel insurance coverage. In general, regardless of which insurance provider you go with, you can expect to pay between 4% and 8% of your total trip cost.
Filing a claim with AIG Travel Guard is a straightforward process. You’ll need your policy number and can either go to or call AIG Travel Guard at 866-478-8222 to start the claim. Once submitted, you can check the status of your claim at
Nationwide is a household name when it comes to insurance providers and one of the largest and most-recognized insurance providers in the US. Similarly to AIG Travel Guard, Nationwide makes it easy to find coverage by offering just two single-trip plans: the Essential and Prime plan.  
In addition, Nationwide offers plans specifically designed for cruises along with annual trip insurance for those who travel a lot throughout the year.  
The Nationwide Essential Plan comes with trip cancellation coverage of up to $10,000, up to $250,000 in emergency medical evacuation, up to $150 per day reimbursement for travel delays of 6+ hours, and coverage for delayed or lost baggage.
In comparison, the AIG Travel Guard Essential plan covers trip cancellations with up to $100,0000 in coverage, up to $150,000 in emergency medical evacuation expenses, up to $100 per day ($500 total) for trip delays of 12+ hours, along with lost or delayed baggage coverage. 
The high-tier Prime Plan from Nationwide offers even more coverage, including trip cancellation up to $30,000, trip interruption coverage up to 200% of the trip cost (maximum of $60,000), missed connection and itinerary change coverage of $500 each, $250 per day for trip delays of 6+ hours, and up to $1 million in coverage for emergency medical evacuation
AIG’s highest-tier Deluxe plan comes with trip cancellation coverage of up to $150,000, up to $1,000,000 in emergency medical evacuation, up to $200 per day ($1,000 maximum) reimbursement for travel delays of 12+ hours, and coverage for delayed or lost baggage.
As you can see, it’s hard to compare apples to apples when comparing the two different insurance providers. But it helps to know the specifics of the coverages that matter most to you.
With Allianz, you can choose from 10 different insurance plans to find one that suits your needs. Like AIG Travel Guard, it offers one-off policies for specific trips and an annual travel insurance plan for those who take multiple trips a year. Similar to AIG, too, the different plans offer varying levels of coverage. 
Allianz‘s most popular single-trip option is the OneTrip Prime plan. This plan offers trip cancellation coverage up to $100,000, trip interruption coverage up to $150,000, emergency medical coverage for $50,000, coverage for baggage loss, theft, or damage up to $1,000, and up to $800 in travel delay coverage.
The most similar plan from AIG Travel Guard is the mid-tier Travel Guard Preferred plan, which which you’ll get up to $150,000 in trip cancellation coverage, trip interruption coverage up to $225,000, $50,000 in emergency medical coverage, coverage for baggage loss, theft, or damage up to $1,000, and travel delay coverage of up to $800.
Again, a variety of factors will determine the final cost of any of these travel insurance policies. So it’s best to compare quotes using your specific personal and trip details to determine which policy is the best for you.
Before purchasing a travel insurance plan, take a look at the coverage offered through your travel rewards credit cards. Some of the basic coverages you’re looking for, like rental car insurance, may already be available through a card you have. 
The coverage you have on your credit card couple be sufficient if, for example, you’re taking a road trip by car and you don’t have any non-refundable trip expenses. It could also be enough if your health insurance covers you while you travel and you aren’t overly worried about incurring additional medical expenses during your trip.
It’s also worth remembering that credit card coverage is usually secondary versus the primary coverage you’d get with a travel insurance policy. Meaning you’ll have to file a claim with the other applicable insurance (like through the airline travel provider) before filing a claim with your credit card company.
In reviewing AIG Travel Guard, we looked at the company’s travel insurance offerings and compared them to plans offered by other reputable companies in the space. Factors considered included things like coverage options, claim limits, what’s covered, available add-ons, and typical insurance policy costs.
The policy that’s best for you will be the one that offers the right amount and type of coverage, fits your budget, and is easy to use if you ever need it.
Yes. Travel Guard is the name used for AIG’s travel insurance products. AIG’s Travel Guard policies offer various coverage options designed to meet each traveler’s specific needs.
Your coverage depends on the policy you buy, but all policies will cover (up to a specified limit) trip cancellation, interruption, or delay, emergency medical expenses,  trip interruption, trip delay, medical expenses, and emergency evacuation. 
AIG Travel Guard offers three main policies: Travel Guard Essential, Travel Guard Preferred, and Travel Guard Deluxe. It also offers an Annual plan and a Grab ‘N Go plan for those who take multiple trips per year or are planning a last-minute trip, respectively. 
There’s no one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to travel insurance. The best travel insurance plan for you is going to be one that comes from a reputable provider that offers the coverage you want at a price you’re comfortable with. 
Yes. AIG Travel Guard plans cover trip cancellation and interruption due to illness, injury, or death of a family member. If your trip is delayed or canceled due to inclement weather, that’s covered too.

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