Thermo Fisher Scientific’s ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the expansion of its dry-powder media manufacturing in Grand Island, NY. [Thermo Fisher Scientific]
On 4 August, Thermo Fisher Scientific announced a 45,000 square foot expansion of its dry-powder media manufacturing in Grand Island, NY.
“This expansion will help to dramatically decrease lead times for our customers, enhancing assurance of supply for the raw materials urgently needed,” says Tiffani Manolis, vice president and general manager, cell culture and cell therapy at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “This capacity expansion, combined with extensive media development and optimization services, allows us to support biopharma developers to scale up and accelerate optimization of their process performance.”
Overall, Thermo Fisher’s 2021 announcement of a $650 million multi-year investment will double its total bioprocess manufacturing capacity by the end of 2023. As part of this, the Grand Island expansion will help bioprocessors fulfill their increasing needs for cell-culture media.
“Cell-culture media is an integral part of any process to produce a biologic therapy or vaccine, and an essential factor in cell viability, performance, and yield,” Manolis explains. “A key part of our commitment to supporting our customers is constantly evaluating our manufacturing network, and proactively investing in expanding our capacity to meet global demand.”
That demand keeps growing. “There is unprecedented demand for key bioproduction material, and with increasing investments into R&D by biopharmaceutical manufacturers and biotechnology developers aiming to commercialize novel therapeutics the pipeline of new molecules moving to the clinic is strong,” Manolis says. “Avoiding critical raw-material shortages is vital for biopharmaceutical developers and manufacturers at all stages of production.”
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