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Strong coaching culture helps buffer the impact of strife on personal well-being
Employee resilience and organizational success increase with coaching
Companies with strong coaching culture earn more than those without it
In 2018, BetterUp Labs was launched – the first-of-its-kind behavioral research lab bringing together business, academia, and science. Its team of more than 40 PhDs, embedded across the organization, brings expertise and innovative research techniques in organizational psychology, behavioral neuroscience, social psychology, and more.
BetterUp Labs’ newest report explores an imperative cultural framework that keeps companies thriving amidst uncertain times. The secret? Coaching culture.
Coaching culture is a combination of two powerful organizational tools: coaching — a dedicated practice where individuals uncover strengths and build resiliency using proven behavioral science techniques; and culture — a cascading framework where leaders equipped with key mindsets model successful behaviors and drive organizational success.
Building this culture in your organization is a key investment — one that creates a competitive advantage as companies respond to significant change and social and economic tumult. Put simply: your organization cannot afford to be without it. 
Coaching has really enabled us to focus on how we build that change resilience so when there are changes occurring in the workplace, people are ready, have tools, and understand what they’re feeling and how they’re reacting.
Tina Gupta, VP of Talent & Employee Experience at Warner Media
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