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About ADP
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At ADP, we believe sports and business both require the right approach. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the top athletes in the world.
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Personal Services

Liz Altonby Liz Alton
There are different types of mentorship that can help your organization cultivate talent. Here’s a closer look at four types of mentorships and how to build a culture of mentorship that helps them all succeed.
A culture of mentoring can have a transformative effect on employees’ careers and can help with both shaping organizational culture and spreading institutional knowledge. Developing a culture of mentoring can benefit your organization and its employees enjoy a wide range of advantages, from stronger collaboration to more open dialogue to well-cultivated talent pipelines.
Research from The Mentor Coach Foundation notes that 97% of professionals with a mentor found the relationship valuable, yet just 37% of employees have access to mentorship. The interest is there, but the current number of opportunities doesn’t seem to correlate.
Here is a closer look at different types of mentoring and how cultivating a culture of mentorship can benefit your business.
Often, the word “mentorship” evokes a specific image of an established employee showing an emerging peer the ropes of their job. However, in today’s fast-moving business landscape, mentorships can have a wide variety of potential configurations. As Harvard Business Review notes, “Your ability to grow and develop the skills you need to thrive will depend largely on your adaptability and willingness to learn and collaborate with others. Mentorships are great conduits for this kind of growth, particularly if both parties are benefiting from the relationship.”
For HR leaders, developing agile mentoring programs that focus on the needs of employees across the generational spectrum and across different business functions can yield powerful results. “There are four different types of mentorship: the job-specific, the business-unit-specific, the agnostic business connection, and direct talent sponsorship,” says Nik Palmer, ADP’s Technical Support Advisor and Leader of the Generations Business Resource Group (BRG).
There are several different styles and approaches organizations can take to mentoring. Here’s a deeper dive into the four main types:
Your organization’s mentorship programs should support talent growth, expand opportunities and build more dynamic teams. Across mentorship types, one of the most critical factors for success is the intent to build a culture that supports mentorship. Here are the best practices leaders should focus on to promote this:
Taking the time to develop rich mentorship programs can create powerful platforms for knowledge transferring, team building and talent retention. Today’s workplace offers opportunities to develop a variety of different mentorship programs to engage employees and meet their needs. By laying the foundation for a culture of mentoring, your business can create sustainable programs that cultivate and disseminate the very DNA of your organization’s talent management programs.
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In the post-pandemic world of work, the organizations that prioritize people first will rise to the top. Find out how to make HR more personalized to adapt to today’s changing talent landscape. Get our guide: Work is personal
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Stay in the know on the latest workforce trends and insights.
Your privacy is assured.
Your privacy is assured.
Stay in the know on the latest workforce trends and insights.
Your privacy is assured.
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