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Hybrid work is about more than where you work.
Out of this shift in the way and where work gets done, some fundamental challenges have arisen…
How do people working “somewhere else” stay connected? How can all employees better manage their time and attention? How can technology support wellbeing so everyone can maximize their impact?
New ways of working have profound implications for the culture and working patterns of the whole organization. The uptake of asynchronous work models (consciously or not) has meant that workers are provided with more freedom in a way that makes sense for their individual circumstances. Yet, despite the pros of hybrid and async work, many employers are still hesitant about the benefits – feeling it may falter communication, make for failed collaboration, or harm employees’ sense of wellbeing due to isolation and lack of cultural connection.
As such, we understand that HR leaders are looking to understand how they can build connections with their teams and ensure everyone can participate fully, no matter where or how they join – fully embracing the pros of hybrid and async work, whilst mitigating any potential fallout.
This handy guide from Google Workspace, which has spent most of the last year solving for the challenges of productivity, meeting fatigue, equitability, and collaboration, aims to provide a toolkit of best practices for hybrid work success.
Google Workspace is a cloud-native communication and collaboration platform, including integrated tools.
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