The naturalist and preservationist John Muir famously said, “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”
This quote is recited so frequently because it captures that feeling precisely. (We know you’ve heard the call or you wouldn’t be reading this!) Alaska’s wild beauty pulls us all in — like a magnet. And at the same time, that attraction awakens our desire to protect this special place for generations to enjoy.
The good news is that you can do both: Explore Alaska’s magnificent landscapes and ensure that your impact on the destination is positive. Whether you’re new to the concept of sustainable travel or have been an eco-conscious traveler for years, Adventure Green Alaska is your go-to resource when planning Alaska trips.
Adventure Green Alaska is the only Alaska-based certification program for tourism businesses operating sustainably in the state. For you, that means the more than 60 travel operators and accommodations that have voluntarily paid to go through the AGA certification program believe that outstanding Alaska experiences can also be sustainable and of benefit to all. These businesses range from tours in Denali to wilderness lodges near Homer or fishing lodges near Ketchikan to Juneau whale-watching tours or Prince William Sound day cruises to kayak tours in Seward to multi-day guided trips all over the state. You can easily spot them in’s partner listings with the green and black AGA logo. No matter what is on your Alaska wishlist, you’ll find an option here.
But wait, there’s more! AGA also offers guidelines you can use to be more sustainable while on vacation:
AGA’s certification program for accommodations and tour operators will be revamped with more stringent criteria that was recently recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (i.e. the experts who set the global standards for sustainable tourism). We believe in the importance taking care of our state and we know our travel operators want to take their sustainability practices to the next level. 
When it comes down to it, there’s no wrong way to visit Alaska. But if you are as passionate about preserving the state as we are, we hope you’ll use the above resources as an Alaska trip planner. And now really… the mountains are calling, we have to go.
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The health and safety of Alaska’s visitors and residents, along with its member businesses, remains a top priority to the Alaska Travel Industry Association. We encourage travelers to review the latest COVID-19 travel updates and check with tour operators for individual requirements. To ensure the best travel experience possible, be sure to plan early, be patient with local businesses and staff during busy times, and have a backup plan if your desired tour, accommodation, or restaurant is full. Explore more things to do and planning tools to help you plan your Alaska adventure.
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