Now would be a very good time for Senate Democrats to go for the jugular and make Senate Republicans show what they really would do if they gained the majority. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina just gave them that opportunity.
If Republicans win Congress, he said in announcing his new federal abortion ban legislation, “I assure you” there will be a vote to ban abortion. “I think we should have a law at the federal level that would say, after 15 weeks, no abortion on demand except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother,” Graham told reporters. “And that should be where America is at.”
He also said that Democrats need to schedule his bill on the floor, because “your idea’s wacko, not ours. Let’s vote. Let’s vote. Give me chance to vote on this bill.” (That was part of his response to a question from a person in the audience who recounted finding out 16 weeks into a pregnancy that the fetus would die a horrible death, and his bill would have forced her to continue that pregnancy.)
Lindsey Graham’s abortion ban news conference ended with a devastating question from a woman who experienced complications during pregnancy
Republican extremism on abortion, on marriage equality, on privacy rights can beat them at the polls. Help Democrats make that happen and expand the Senate majority.
Take him up on it! Have that vote! He’s pretty much the only Republican who wants to do it right now. Sen. Mitch McConnell sure as hell doesn’t.

Have the vote if for no other reason than to make McConnell’s life that much harder. Have the vote to show the American people what Republicans intend to do to their lives.
While they’re at it, Democrats need to abandon the pretense that there are 10 Republicans who will vote with them to protect marriage equality and have that vote. For some unknown reason, Senate Democrats feel the need to be nice to Republicans on this one.
They want to ensure everyone’s marriage has equal protection. They want to stop the Supreme Court extremists from taking it away, as Justice Clarence Thomas has threatened. Those are lofty, important goals. But at this point what’s even more important is showing the American people what Republicans will do if they get control of Congress again.
Right now there’s a grand total of three Republicans who say they support marriage equality. Put the rest of them to the test.
Then bring up the access to contraceptives bill the House passed in July. The one that 195 Republicans opposed. Make 50 Republican senators answer the question: Should Americans have the right to use birth control, and should health care providers have the right to provide contraception and information about how to effectively use it?
Republicans don’t even know how to respond to that idea. So make them vote on it! Make them decide if they’re going to stand with the one. Hundred. And. Ninety. Five House Republicans who deny that we all have that basic right in our private lives.
Yes, that would make Susan Collins of Maine extremely concerned. Too bad. Make her vote.
Abortion rights, climate change, and gun safety are all on the ballot this fall. Click to start writing Postcards to Democratic-leaning voters in targeted House districts today.
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