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Last Updated: February 24, 2022, 16:19 IST
Few countries are reported to have zero cases of Covid-19 right now, according to WHO. (Reuters File)
It has been two years now that the world has been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The outbreak of the coronavirus took the world by storm as no country was left that escaped from the deadly virus.
The battle with this virus is ongoing, but things are getting under control gradually. While the world is still dealing with this virus, some countries appear to have eliminated the pandemic. Few countries are reported to have zero cases of Covid-19 right now, according to WHO. Here are the countries that are Covid-19 free as of now.
Nauru: This tiny country is situated northeast of Australia. The country is reported to have 68 people per 100 vaccinated. The country is well-known for its white-sand beaches. During the second world war, Nauru served as a Japanese outpost.
Tuvalu: The country has closed its border to keep the virus away and as of now it is Covid-19 free. In the country, every 50 out of 100 people are fully vaccinated.
Tokelau: Tokelau only has a population of 1500 residents and now it is listed amongst the countries which have zero coronavirus cases, according to the WHO. Tokelau has no airport, and it is reachable only by ship which makes it hard to visit.
Pitcairn Islands: Located in the pacific ocean, the island nation is extremely beautiful and now it is also safe from coronavirus. Out of every 100 people, 74 are fully vaccinated on the island. Away from the crowded world, this island has managed to stay prevented from the virus.
Niue: This one is also an island in the Pacific that has managed to stay away from the coronavirus. According to the reports of the WHO, 79 people per 100 are vaccinated against covid-19 in Niue.
Saint Helena: One of the world’s most remote locations, Saint Helena has a population of roughly 4500 people. According to the reports of the WHO, 58 people per 100 are vaccinated against Covid-19 in Saint Helena.
Turkmenistan: Located in Asia, the country somehow managed to win against the deadly virus. According to reports, the country has zero cases of Covid-19.
Micronesia: Last but not the least, Micronesia is amongst the countries that have been announced Covid-19 free by the WHO.
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